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El Flamboyan was founded in 1998 when Orlando was a much smaller city than it is today. The management prides itself on its quality and service – no wonder why they’ve been in business for so long!

We thank El Flamboyan for its time and willingness to be featured at Chinese Food 32837!

For our first blog post we surveyed a few patrons and management to come up with popularly ordered dishes at the establishment.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 most popular dishes at El Flamboyan:

Top 5 Most Popular Dishes

1. Pepper Steak (Pimientos con Carne de Res)

El Flamboyan uses quality cut meats in its dishes, so there is no surprise why patrons flock to enjoy some classic Pepper Steak – 100% natural flank beef with freshly cut onions and bell peppers in its wok-seared garlic brown sauce.

2. Boneless Ribs (Costillas sin hueso)

El Flamboyan’s special BBQ sauce will force your taste buds to reimagine what barbeque means to you. Pair that with near-perfectly cooked pork ribs and you’ll find yourself unable to resist the temptation to order this dish.

3. Fried Chicken (Pollo Frito)

The recipe has not changed for their Fried Chicken since opening, and there is no secret! Patrons LOVE the fried chicken at El Flamboyan, which uses Spanish seasoning.

4. Fried Pork Chops (Chuletas Fritas)

Prepare for amazement because these Pork Chops are fried and seared on the wok, giving it a unique flavor that you will not get anywhere else!

5. Bourbon Chicken (Pollo de Borbón)

This is not just your typical shopping-mall-bourbon-chicken. As El Flamboyan cooks every meal to order, this is the freshest bourbon chicken you can possibly get in the area, made with REAL bourbon. Patrons simply love it.

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